Man Makeover with Triumph & Disaster

Whilst it seems common amongst females, every man secretly wishes for a makeover. Well at least that’s what we told Jonno from Hunting for George before he put his hand up to play the lead role in our latest video. And what a star he was!

We teamed up with our good friends at Triumph & Disaster for this one to illustrate a literal “disaster” (aka Jonno pre-video) and transform said disaster into a “triumph”. Rocco D’Amore, Triumph & Disaster’s first haircare ambassador was a real-life Edward Scissor Hands on the day, working her magic to transform Jonno into a brand new man.

Do you want to see a disaster turn into a triumph? Watch the video above to see the transformation take place. Rocco uses a number of Triumph & Disaster products, including the Ritual Face CleanserGameface Moisturiser and the Ponsonby Pomade to achieve the ultimate male makeover. We’ve never seen Jonno looking so well groomed! At Triumph & Disaster, they believe if you look your best you will feel your best. Prepare, perform, protect may sound like the motto of an army battalion but it is something Triumph & Disaster believes in. If you follow those three, simple things then you give yourself the best chance to deal with any triumph or disaster the day throws at you.

Bottom line? Dudes should get makeovers more often. If you take pride in your appearance, sit back, relax and shop away knowing that Triumph & Disaster will keep your face in check. Click below to sort yourself out with the Triumph & Disaster products featured in our video. For more on male grooming, Mason from Triumph & Disaster shares his Top 3 Skin Care Tips for Men, and Rocco gives us the low down on How to Care for your Beard.

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