Are You A DIY Die Hard? Win $20,000 Towards Your Next Renovation

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  1. Lauren De Beer says:

    We would love to re do the kitchen. But I want to knock down walls and change a million and one things. We were thinking kaboodle kitchen and change the garage into a lounge room. as we have a carport. This house has so much potential. We don’t need the garage. I also have 7 month old and 2 year old. And I am wanting to build a cubby house for their Christmas present, but don’t really have room for it. Determined to make room. I’ve got all the Geer and no idea. Also zero time to even clean dishes. Will eventually start knocking stuff off the lists

  2. Bevis Lobo says:

    love energizer

  3. Sarah Farrer says:

    I would light up our garden with Energizer rainbows to brighten up the colour and to keep our boys safe.

  4. Leona Wescombe says:

    I would decorate my yard with energizer lights
    Throughout the garden and barbeque area to
    Bring beautiful brightness to enjoy our evening.

  5. Roger Wescombe says:

    I would decorate my garden so many energizer lights my garden would look like the sun was shinning on it.

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