About Us

So you wanna know more about us hey? Well thanks for asking! Hunting for George is all about making your home awesome and is your go-to source of inspiration for the home, design and lifestyle. 

Founded in 2010 by sisters Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris our story began as online retailers. With a spare room, a few products and a shiny new website, we turned on our homepage  and declared ourselves business women. We hustled our way into the Australian homewares scene, designed our own products, created unique content and ruffled a few feathers. With each year we grew and we became known for our unique approach to retail. We even got a load of awards to show for it (our mum told us not to brag but then again mum wasn’t named Australia’s Best Small Independent Online Retailer now was she?). 

We’ve always done things a little differently and Hunting for George was always much more than just a retailer. Since day one we created unique stories to share with our community on our blog and social media and our audience loved it! Which was great because we loved making it. 

After 9 years of skin in the game and countless blog posts, videos, events and photoshoots later… Hunting for George had cemented itself as an authority in homewares and design. Yay, go team! So we decided to put our thing down, flip it and reverse it and in 2019 we decided to close our online retail store to focus on the area of our business that was most fulfilling. Hunting for George is now a very happy and very productive creative media company. Creating unique stories to inspire, educate and engage with our audience the only way we know how… honestly and with a whole lot of fun. 

So if you like what we’re putting down then why not join our community? All the cool kids are doing it. And in the mean time check out our super fun (and kind of invasive!) Let Us In Home Tours, helpful how-to guides, meet our makers, listen to our epic mixed tapes not to mention read all about the latest and greatest in design.

Founder and Director of Hunting for George, Lucy Glade-Wright