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Epic Easter Egg Cocktail Recipes

Look folks, there’s no denying that Easter brings about a lot of chocolate. It’s everywhere. You can’t walk two steps in your office without being offered a choccie egg and don’t even think about catching up with your family without receiving a bounty of rabbit shaped milk chocolate. It is a time of indulgence and this year we thought we’d amplify things just a touch.

Prepare to over-indulge on these 3 Epic Easter Egg Cocktail Recipes. Whilst some people might consider these a Food Challenge, it might be all in a day’s work for others. Whatever camp you sit in, you gotta admit that these are a lot of fun to make! We decided to create some Adults Only alcoholic cocktails, however just remove the alcohol for a yummy non-alcoholic cocktail, great for all ages.

Lick your lips. Let’s go…


Ingredients (Serves One)
– Ice Magic or Chocolate Syrup
– 150ml Milk
– Ice Cream (your choice, we used Coconut)
– 4 Cadbury Creme Eggs
– 3 Chocolate Easter Eggs (hollow)
– 30ml Chocolate Liqueur or Baileys Irish Cream (leave out for a kids friendly version!)
– Whipped Cream
– 1 Small Lindt Bunny
– 1 Humpty Dumpty Chocolate Egg
– Flake Chocolate Bar

What You’ll Need:
– Tall Glass (we used the Huck High Tumbler)
– Standard size bowl (we used a 500ml Marimekko bowl)
– Blender
– Straw

1/ Pour the Ice Magic into a bowl. Take your glass and place it into the ice magic upside down (so that the chocolate coats the top rim of the glass). Remove and then turn the glass a few times, leave to stand then place in the fridge.

2/ Put the milk, 2 scoops of icecream, 3 creme eggs, 3 hollow easter eggs and Chocolate Liqueur into a blender. Once blended, pour into your cold glass. Do not fill to the top.

3/ Place 1 scoop of icecream on the top of the shake. Then create a mountain of whipped cream on top of the ice cream.

4/ For the toppings you can use whatever Easter Eggs you have. We used a Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg to create large chocolate ‘wafers’ and sprinkled the rest on top, alongside a Lindt bunny, Creme Egg and a Flake Chocolate bar (for good measure!)

5/ Pop a Straw in and you’re done!


Ingredients (Serves One)
– 1 large hollow chocolate easter egg
– 30ml coffee (1 standard shot)
– 15ml Coffee Liqueur (half shot)
– 30ml Vanilla Vodka
– 15ml Sugar Syrup
– Ice cubes
– Chocolate Flakes or Coffee Beans (for garnish)

What You’ll Need:
– Egg Cup to stabilise the Easter Egg (we used the Yolk Egg Cup)
– Cocktail Shaker Set

1/ Unwrap your hollow Easter Egg and with a knife cut it open at the top. Place onto a stable surface (we used an egg cup).

2/ Place the ice cubes in the cocktail shaker. Pour in the coffee, coffee liqueur, vanilla vodka and sugar syrup. Shake.

3/ Strain the mixture into the egg. Garnish with chocolate flakes or coffee beans.


Ingredients (Serves One)
– 1 small-medium hollow easter egg
– Ice cubes
– Baileys Irish Cream

What You’ll Need:
– Egg Cup (we used the Marimekko Egg Cup Set)
– Cocktail Shaker Set

1/ Unwrap your easter egg and with a knife cut it open at the top. Place into an egg cup.

2/ Place the ice cubes in the cocktail shaker. Pour in the Baileys Irish Cream and shake.

3/ Strain into the hollow egg and serve with a smile.


A big shout out to Nathan from Botherambo for agreeing to be our bartender for the day and letting us raid your booze cabinet!!

Next week… let’s exercise. But for now, enjoy! Have a wonderful Easter everyone x

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