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Skepta – Shutdown

London Grime artist, Skepta has almost single handedly resurrected UK Hip Hop after years in the relative musical wilderness.

Born Joseph Junior Adenuga the MC has been quoted as saying “I’m not a rapper. I’m an activist.” In late 2007 he had the audacity (confidence) to name his independently recorded & released debut album, ‘Greatest Hits’ to wide acclaim. With his position as an underground Hip Hop figurehead cemented it wasn’t until his 4th studio release, ‘Konnichiwa’ that he found wider acclaim. That 2016 album won him the prestigious ‘Mercury Music Prize’, beating out the likes of Bat for Lashes, the 1975 and even David Bowie in the process! From there he’s gone from strength to strength gaining international recognition from renowned artists like Drake, even collaborating and convincing the Canadian superstar to join his BBK label in the process.

He’s successfully toured the States and isn’t far off conquering them-no mean feat when you consider how many British artists have previously failed to do so. This is one of my favourite Skepta tracks and honestly, I can’t wait to hear what’s next from him. In an age of overrated and underwhelming ‘mumble rappers’ who seem more interested in Xanax and face tattoos, Skepta is a refreshingly unique and innovative voice.

Plus, he wears football shirts (which I love) & Liam Gallagher loves him and he’s never wrong.

Have a great weekend, Gang…



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