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Rihanna – Pon De Replay

Here’s a Hollywood story for you.

A hypothetical buddy caper starring Rihanna and Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o, penned by Insecure‘s Issa Rae, and directed by Ava DuVernay has actually become a reality, with Netflix picking up the film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The idea all seems to trace back to a Tumblr post featuring a shot of Rihanna and Nyong’o in the front row of a Miu Miu fashion show in 2014, with the caption: “They look like they’re in a heist movie with Rihanna as the tough-as-nails leader/master thief and Lupita as the genius computer hacker”. All the while a coincidental post got even larger traction on Twitter getting the attention of the two stars, as well as DuVernay and Rae, who all agreed they’d be up for the project. Which wasn’t a project… yet.

Sources state that Rae is already working on the script, with an eye for the film to start production in 2018.


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