Friday Beats

Let yourself Go – Elvis Presley

This week saw the 40th Anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley, The King of Rock’n’Roll.

I’ve loved Elvis since I was very little, watching his classic films on TV most Saturday afternoons then singing his songs & mimicking his moves for years to come. This is probably my favourite Elvis number and it comes from my favourite of his films (also starring Nancy Sinatra!), 1968’s ‘Speedway’. This song is a bit different to a lot of The King’s previous output as it seems to have a slightly more ‘ British Beat’ influence. The song was only a minor hit for ‘The Memphis Flash’ back then but it continues to be a hit on Soul dancefloors today. That hair. That jacket. Those boots… and that voice. They didn’t call him the King for nothin’.

Have a great weekend…

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