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Diana Ellinger

To say I have a girl crush on Diana Ellinger would be a severe understatement. My love of her work has seen me purchase two of her pieces; one little, one huge and one very special third piece that Diana gave to me as a gift. So yeah, I’m obsessed. Diana is an Australian painter living and working in Madrid. Her work blurs the line between figuration and abstraction. Often finding starting points from photographs, she will push and develop these images further in order to create something unique and visual interesting.

“As a painter I’m really interested in the space between abstraction and figuration. So whilst in my paintings you can recognise that there are things in the work that I paint from photographs, they can also be seen as abstract.”  Diana Ellinger

For Diana’s clock the idea of perception was what intrigued her. “Perception is something that interests me very much as an artist – like any painter since painting began, it’s people’s perception that I seek to alter, influence, stimulate and speak to.” Diana Ellinger.

Working with the concept of camouflage, Diana has created a visually intriguing piece that blends an inner circle, just slightly out of registration inside the clock itself. Not to mention the beautifully detailed hour hand that continually travels around the clock getting lost in different places throughout the day.

We were lucky enough to visit Diana in Madrid and film in her beautiful Spanish studio apartment. Take a look.

diana5 diana4dianaellingerdiana3 diana2


To bid on Diana Ellinger’s Clock head over to the auction page at Hunting for George. The Online Auction will run until midnight, Sunday November 30 2014 with the majority of sales from each clock going back to the artist.


Video DOP: Jonno Rodd and Lucy Glade-Wright
Video Edit: Lucy Glade-Wright

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