Friday Beats

Abba – Dancing Queen

I’ve been playing loads of Disco gigs lately. It feels like the ‘Disco revival’ people have been desperately trying to get off the ground in Melbourne for the last decade might finally eventuate. Every Birthday, Wedding-almost every Party I’m being booked for of late is demanding for a large slice of Disco in the mix.

This has brought back memories of a time when I liked Disco music but loathed Abba. In the years since I’ve come to my senses and realised that Abba are in fact, almost the perfect pop group and have SO MANY genuine hits in their arsenal.

I remember DJing a 21st way back in 2001 when a sweet, little old lady shuffled towards me from across the room to request an Abba song. I literally had no Abba songs as I was so set in my dislike for them and apologised to ‘Ma Baker’ (little Disco reference, there) even offering to play any other Disco for her. She was unimpressed with this news and in disgust asked rhetorically, I assume  “What kind of DJ doesn’t play Abba!?!?” She spent the next hour glaring at me from her seat across the dancefloor until she felt it fitting to start pelting me with tomato sauce soaked, Party Pies!

I never let the house without Abba ever again. Lesson learnt.

Enjoy your weekend, Gang. Disco or otherwise…

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