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Top 5 Golden Rules of Bedroom Styling

Inside Out asked us to share our some bedroom styling tips, our head honcho Lucy Glade-Wright had this to say.

The Bed

1/ The most important element of any bedroom is the bed. The type of bed and bed linen that you choose will dictate the look and feel of the entire space. When choosing bed linen, the first thing to think about is what other colours and textures are already in the room. You don’t want your bed linen to clash with the existing interior such as the wall colour or floor texture. If you’re unsure then keep your bed linen minimal and layer up neutral colours. Try to pair similar tones together for your sheet and quilt. Then add some pattern and colour with pillowcases, cushions or a blanket. Ultimately your bed is your haven and needs to be comfortable, so choose pieces that you love and you can’t go wrong.


Featured (left to right): Oliver Upholstered bed, Homeboy quilt set, Fragments print, Shakespeare print, She print, White Paper Bag, Oliver side table, XO print set, Black dipped pot, Big Blue cushion, Tan leather cushion


Featured (left to right): Large Paper Bag, Half Moon framed print, Olive floor lamp, Oliver side table, Calypso pot, Women In This Town book, Sherpa weave rug, Oliver upholstered bed, Eskimo sheet set, East Village quilt set, Tan leather cushion, The Wanderer candle, Olive table lamp, Oliver bench, Calypso pots, Edmee Jewel box, Desk pad, Conservatory candle.

The Floor

2/ When you wake up in the morning and put your bare feet on the ground, make sure you place them on a soft woven rug. Rugs are a great feature for the bedroom, they add texture and warmth. Choose an oversized rug to go underneath your bed, otherwise you can style smaller rugs to lie next to the bed. As it’s a bedroom you won’t be often walking over the rug with shoes on so you can go a bit lighter with your colour choice.


Featured (left to right): Sturt Stony pot, Olive floor lamp, Oliver side table, Calypso potWomen In This Town book, Sherpa weave rug, Oliver upholstered bed, Eskimo sheet set, East Village quilt set, Tan leather cushion, The Wanderer candle, Olive table lamp, Oliver bench, Calypso pots, Edmee Jewel box, Desk pad,  Conservatory candle.


3/ We love creating tranquil bedrooms where you can switch off and relax. Colours can have a huge influence in helping our minds turn off and a great way to introduce colour is through artwork. The choice of artwork or print is up to you, but often blue, green or neutral tones work best to instill calm. You can cluster a combination of different artworks together otherwise go BIG and choose a feature piece for above the bed.


LEFT IMAGE Featured (left to right): Crystal Clear artwork, Oliver bed, Faker blanket, Smoke quilt setTan leather cushion, Coal sheet set, Daisy weave rug, Numby pot

RIGHT IMAGE Featured (left to right): Twine weave rug, Oliver bed, Colonel Mustard quilt set, Moody Blues blanketOliver side table, Another Man book, Tykho AM/FM Radio.

Bedside Tables

4/ Bedside tables are a must, not only are they a great style feature but also very practical. We like to keep our side tables uncomplicated, so as not to take the attention away from the bed. If you’ve got a lot of ‘things’ then opt for a side table with a concealed drawer. Otherwise another great option is to use a structured ottoman, if you only want something to hold a cup of tea and a good book.


Featured (left to right):Oliver side table, Titanium radio, Rollo ottoman, Arcadia printKalahari weave rug, Oliver bed, East Village quilt set, Tan leather cushion, Coal sheet set, Eskimo sheet set


5/ Go green!! Plants are the ultimate addition to any room and the bedroom is no exception. Make sure you work out what type of light your bedroom receives and choose a plant accordingly. Indoor plants will instantly bring your room to life and you will never want to leave your peaceful indoor jungle! Your plant will need somewhere to live as well, so choose a suitable indoor pot.


Featured (left to right): Numby pot, Herringbone weave rug, Wes quilt set, Ice White sheet set, Smoke sheet set, East Village pillowcases, Oliver upholstered bed, Titanium radio, Paper bag grey, Paper bag whiteCalypso pot.