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The Lemon Twigs – These Words

I often find myself not much caring for a lot of modern/contemporary  music. I sometimes dread the fact that I may have already heard the best songs I’m ever gonna hear. And this makes me sad. But then theres The Lemon Twigs. The weird & oh so wonderful Lemon Twigs.

The Lemon Twigs are a duo of brothers from Long Island, New York (who attended the same High School as none other than BILLY ‘The Piano Man’ JOEL) with a smooth sound that harks back to an era of warm fuzzy bass, dreamy harmonies and poodle style mullets. I mean, they’re debut release in 2015 was a limited edition cassette!

The Brothers regularly swap instruments and even share lead vocal duties on many songs, which is something I missed out on seeing Live when I was unable to attend their Melbourne show last year. I heard it was amazing and I am still bummed beyond doubt to this day. Think The Beach Boys, Wings and Glam era Bowie all wrapped up in one quirky, bejewelled little pop package and you’re on your way to getting The Lemon Twigs… while being like, a million miles off at the same time.


This song in particular is like, 3 songs in one. It has Billy Preston-esque keyboard chops, harmonies that wouldn’t be out of place on a Queen record and the most sumptuous chorus I’ve heard in a LONG time. Have a listen and have a good weekend… x


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