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Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up

The last few weeks on Facebook you may have noticed lots of people posting images of album covers with little or no reason as to why. It’s a new one of those, Facebook ‘nomination’ things…

“In no particular order – 10 all time favourite albums that really made an impact and are still on your rotation list, if only every now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain and nominate someone to do the same.”

I was nominated and I’m now 8 days into my musical trip down memory lane (kinda like ‘West End Story’ mixed with ‘Memento’) and I’m absolutely loving it. When pushed, it’s amazing how many records I was CRAZY about at one stage that I completely forgot or disregarded for one reason or another. Pop music not only soundtracks stages of your life but can define, or even set the path for the rest of it. Things like discovering oasis in High School paved the way to me making a living as an Indie DJ for twenty years, not to mention starting an oasis cover band of my very own (and we’re awesome!).

All this nostalgia led me back to the start of my love affair with music and first album I ever bought, Rick Astley’s ‘Whenever you need somebody’ while on holiday in Ireland with my family. I was 8 years old. ‘Never gonna give you up’ was the breakout hit of the album and led to me having a blow wave hair doo… good times.

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