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Blondie – Heart of Glass

The U.S. state of Florida has a reputation for being home to sone eccentric types. Whenever you think the “Florida Man” meme has reached its peak, something happens to remind us that Florida either exists inside some kind of energy vortex or they’re putting something in the water down there. I recently heard about this event in February this year, when Florida man Lee Howard Koenig was arrested for attempting to impersonate Nickelback drummer, Daniel Adair.

Nickelback’s drummer.


Koenig, a session musician who goes by the moniker, Mr. Wooky and looks nothing like Adair, tried get $25,000 worth of free music gear using the Nickelback member’s name. He was eventually tracked down by the very person he tried to scam: Adair turned amateur sleuth, searched the internet for his own scammer and then handed his findings over to the police.


BUT, Blondie’s Debbie Harry is also from Florida and she’s pretty great.

And i really didn’t wanna share a Nickelback video but I did wanna share this story I just heard about, So….

Enjoy your long weekend!

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