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Womack & Womack – Teardrops

This is a FANTASTIC song. There’s no denying it. If you think otherwise, you’re just wrong. Sorry.

I loved it when I was a kid way back in 1998 and I love it now. Brother and Sister in law to Soul Legend, Bobby Womack this was their only real chart success but what a success it was!

As much as I say I love this song there was a long period where I didn’t think about it much and kinda forgot all about it. That is, Until one night in the very early ’00s I was taken to an awesome gay disco that was playing pop hits galore and I was reacquainted with this gem. As soon as I heard that drum intro I knew exactly what was coming next and was transported back to 1988. The surprise of hearing the song again after so long added with the childhood nostalgia (I instantly remembered the accompanying video complete with Linda’s double denim ensemble and the babin’ blonde backing singer’s braided headband) and just the general awesomeness of the tune was almost overwhelming. I went home hours later still humming ‘Teardrops’ and vowed to add it to my DJ sets.

Serendipitously (yes, I spelt that correctly at the first time of trying), the very next day me and my enormous hangover swung by a Savers store and while flipping through a wall of crappy, old records stumbled upon a *pristine 7″ copy of TEARDROPS BY WOMACK & WOMACK!!! This was back in the days when 90% of my DJ sets were all vinyl so to happen upon this was extremely exciting!

..and that’s my story.

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.

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  1. Roy Bate says:

    Yes, great track. Who was/is that blonde backing vocalist?

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