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Shout to the Top – The Style Council

It’s my Birthday this weekend so I thought I’d share with you my absolute FAVOURITE song EVER. I first stumbled upon this gem as a teenager on an Indie disco dancefloor and my mind was instantly blown. So immediate and aggressive but such an out & out pop song at the same time. The more I learnt about the band, the more obsessed with the group’s finely dressed frontman, Paul Weller I became. ‘This guy used to be in a Punk band!?!? Now he’s in this awesomely camp, Soul/Jazz pop ensemble..? Brilliant!’ I somehow wound up with 5 separate copies of this 12″ single soon after. Whenever I happened upon it, I just had to buy it! I truly believe I will never tire of this song. Hell, I still listen to it at least once a week… Have a great weekend, Gang! Shout to the Top!

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  1. Lucy Glade-Wright says:

    Happy birthday Kieran!! Toot toot!

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