Friday Beats

C’est La Vie – B*Witched

This weekend sees a handful of the best pop groups from the nineties and noughties come to Melbourne for one, epic show. Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, S Club (who I go on about way too much already), East 17 and Irish upstarts, B*Witched! Remember them!? Responsible for the classic hit ‘C’est La Vie’, they scored the spot as the headline act!

How on earth did those double denim-ing Leprechaun lasses get top billing next to these other British, pop behemoths!? It may have something to do with Atomic Kitten not being all that popular in Australia, no-one remotely caring about Liberty X or S Club 7 only bringing 3 members (which is now down to 2 as lead singer Jo is ill). And to top it off, East 17 were here a few years ago (they were BRILLIANT by the way) and have also lost a few members along the way… B*Witched are the only (almost) full line-up left! We still have an untarnished memory of them, smiling and jigging gleefully, probably because they’ve stayed out of the limelight for the last 20 odd years. Anyway, what a way to start your weekend…

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