6 Different Ways You Can Maximise Your Outdoor Space

You don’t have to have a large outdoor area or garden to be able to make the most of it From the smallest of courtyards to the most spacious of blocks, here are six things you can do that will…

What Plant Is That? Art Deco Armadale Apartment

It’s no surprise that we love lush indoor greenery and I’m definitely guilty of allocating more space than normal for my indoor plants! If you want to fill your homes with plants here’s a few of my favourites that I styled…

What Plant is That?

Since the launch of our exclusive HFG x Pop & Scott pot range – Desert Dreams, you guys have been going crazy asking which lucky plants are sinking their roots into those Pop & Scott pots. At Hunting for George, we…

Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk are a small team of craftspeople from Sweden that care about the quality and feeling of hand made, natural materials. Their collection of household items are delivered with simplicity, functionality and love.

Interior Inspiration

We are green eyed over our top ten favourite interiors right now..if only building a dream house was as easy as printing out these beauties.