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With a background in Communication Design, Lucy excelled in graphic design and art direction for a number of high profile brands before co-founding Hunting for George. A designer turned acclaimed leader in eCommerce turned raconteur, Lucy is a natural born storyteller. Her focus lies towards shaping Hunting for George as a leader in Australian Design & Lifestyle media.

Hunchy Piper

Hunchy Piper is a new blog and yes it is as cool as it sounds. With radical sections such as: Style Stalker, Op Shop and if you live near the Sunshine Coast you must check out The Swap! So off you…

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

I’ve been loving this blog for a while. These are just some of my favourites…

Dana and Olivia

Smoking’s bad for you. But it’s hard to find a photo of Olivia without one. I’m happy these two are still kicking along together in a footloose fury of photos and smoke.