Kitchen Styling | Top Picks for When Renovating Isn’t An Option

Kitchen envy is easy to come by these days, especially with all the gorgeous interiors we’re always ogling over on social media. Rather than signing up for the lengthy process of gutting and remodelling your whole kitchen, adding a few good looking accessories is a great way to update your space without signing on board for a major reno project.

When it comes to kitchen accessories, the little details really do make a big difference. We’ve collected some of our most stylish tabletop and kitchen prep accessories to get you on the road to refreshing your kitchen space without an overhaul. Whether it’s a copper planter to display on a shelf, a smooth marble mortar and pestle or a couple of new stools for your kitchen island, our top picks will take your kitchen from ho-hum to photo worthy in a flash.

Mixing textures like timber, ceramic, linen, and marble can lead to beautifully styled results. If your space is feeling a little bare, pop in something colourful like fresh potted herbs in Uashmama bags or our boldly patterned tea towels. Even a cute little radio can add some personality to your shelf displays.

We’ve got heaps more stylish kitchen and dining goodies online, or pop your head into our showroom to take a closer look. Be sure to send us pics of your kitchen upgrade, we’d love to see what you’re able to create!