There’s something about lights that makes everything just that little bit cooler… Maybe it’s because I automatically think of Las Vegas, Takeaway joints and Bottle Os… all good things

Seb Lester

Honestly, I could watch this all day. The amazing typographic talents of Seb Lester. Check out his website for more of his work…

Ken Done Inspired

Having a bit of a Ken Done moment. I’ve always loved the brilliant and chaotic combination of colour, merging with koalas, opera houses and palm trees. It is uniquely Australian and I love seeing flashes of it in modern design…

Interior Inspiration

We are green eyed over our top ten favourite interiors right now..if only building a dream house was as easy as printing out these beauties.                

The Design Files

Thanks to Lucy Feagins at The Design Files for an amazing post! As you can tell from these pics I like to steal from Hunting for George a lot. Check out the full Design Files feature here. Photography by Clare Plueckhahn.  …