Lights We Love: Totem by Lindsey Adelman

To view a Lindsey Adelman light in person is a surreal experience. From afar the sculpture is decorative and distracting. To view it up close is completely mind-boggling. Each piece is artfully considered and meticulously engineered. It is no wonder…

Noel Shiveley – Typographer & Designer

Typography, photography and good ol’ motivation…. Noel Shiveley a young designer and typographer does it so well. His combination of calligraphy, fluid lettering and graphic design let his simple, rustic designs scream inspiration.

Lord Bunn – Typography

I’ve been obsessed with typography lately… So let me introduce you to Lord Bunn, another clever maker of pretty letters and words. I wish I had the skill to just put a pen to paper and be able to produce such…

Hand Lettering – Zachary Smith

I recently stumbled across Californian Hand lettering artist, Zachary Smith and had to share his intricate yet simplistic typography. I just love the authentic and rustic feel that each of Zachary’s pieces carries out. Check out some of his works below.

Alex Proba – A Poster A Day

With all the technology and media we have these days, if you’re anything like me you spend hours Pinning, Gramming, Booking, Blogging and discovering whole new worlds of inspiration. So much so, that you are exploding with creative goodness but…

Interior Inspiration

We are green eyed over our top ten favourite interiors right now..if only building a dream house was as easy as printing out these beauties.