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With a background in Communication Design, Lucy excelled in graphic design and art direction for a number of high profile brands before co-founding Hunting for George. A designer turned acclaimed leader in eCommerce turned raconteur, Lucy is a natural born storyteller. Her focus lies towards shaping Hunting for George as a leader in Australian Design & Lifestyle media.

Friday Crawl

There is so much awesome in this clip, it hurts. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to the water park. Enjoy your weekend!

Whistles and Handclaps

New Melbourne based label Whistles and Handclaps like to frolick in radonkulously futile pleasures. Hunting for George is now stocking their new range of crop tees, crop singlets, super scrunchies and banging beach bags. Take a look.      

The Design Files

Thanks to Lucy Feagins at The Design Files for an amazing post! As you can tell from these pics I like to steal from Hunting for George a lot. Check out the full Design Files feature here. Photography by Clare Plueckhahn.  …

Friday Lanie Lane

Tap your toes and slap your thigh cos Lanie Lane is gonna save the day. Happy weekend. George loves you.


YOUTH from Tommy Petroni on Vimeo. ‘Don’t waste your youth growing up’ – a beautiful clip from Tommy Petroni


Loving everything about this pic. Rogen and Franco.  

Friday Bleeding Knees

Bleeding Knees Club – Teenage Girls (Official Video) from I OH YOU on Vimeo. I love these guys. Bless their cotton socks. It’s pretty much the weekend. Enjoy.

Chubby Boob

Cool new campaign from Chubby Boob.

Friday LMFAO

I have secretly loved this song ever since it came out. Last night I was told that it was socially acceptable (maybe even cool) to like LMFAO and after seeing this clip I think these guys are legendary. Total pisser!…

Citizen Shane

Introducing Hunting for George‘s newest label, Citizen Shane. From Melbourne based designer Melanie Northover. We love that these basic everyday pieces are super sexy cos that means that we can be super sexy every day. Boom! Take a closer look at…