Marilyn Monroe – Pharrell Williams

My boy Pharrell, the one who never grows old and who always find a way to make PG sexy. Take off your big hat as I salute you.

Daniel Arsham – American Artist

Daniel Arsham, is an artist of many areas. His work is a mix of architecture, art, sculpture and performance. I think that his work is pretty out of this world. He draws inspiration in anything from Walls to Basketballs, Arsham…

Aerosol Can – Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams

My Pharrell obsession has blended nicely with this new Major Lazer beat, Aerosol Can. Babum babum. Aerosol Can. Babum babum… Sorry, it’s kinda addictive.

Oh, Pharrell

To describe Pharrell Williams as cool doesn’t even come close. In fact it’s insulting. This guy is seriously freaking out my mind. Aside from all the obvious stuff, like yeah he’s a babe and yeah he wears awesome hats to…