Naomi Savio
Naomi Savio
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Mr Fancy Plants offers unique plants and plant related products. Born out of a love of horticulture, styling, and design, Mr Fancy Plants sprouted with the aim to connect you with nature and inject some fancy into your space. We love bringing out the green thumb in every plant-lover, sharing plant tips and tricks, as well as green styling inspiration.

What Plant Is That? | Clifton Summer

We know you guys love indoor plants as much as we do, why do we know this? Because you keep on asking us… “what plant is that?” Well, hold tight, because we sat down with Naomi from Mr Fancy Plants…

The Indoor Plant Scoop | Plus Our Faves of the Moment

Choosing the right indoor plant for your home is like deciding if a dog is suitable for your lifestyle. For example, an active dog breed like an English Sheepdog would not be the right choice for you if it’s cooped…